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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix the wax?

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It is ok but not recommend.

Is It Painless waxing kit?

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Hard wax is also called painless wax. Everyone has different pain tolerance abilities,and some body parts are more sensitive than others.It's normal to have slight and rapid discomfort when you pull the root of your hair. Keep waxing and you'll feel less pain each time.

Why is the wax too stringy?

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Heating wax at the wrong temperature will cause wax to be too sticky,because the temperature of the wax is too low to stir.Better to reheat until the wax has reached a honey-like consistency.

Why does the wax keep breaking?

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The broken wax during waxing may be due to too thin wax, or it may stay on the skin for too long.It suggest that a thick layer of wax be applied to the skin to avoid the wax cracking during the application process, so as to the skin to create a lip for grip to remove waxing strip.Let wax rest on the skin for 30-40s to the removal.

Why is waxing better than shaving?

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Shaving cuts off the hair at the surface of the skin and waxing is rooted unwanted hair out.The former is temporary, and the latter regrowth is slower than the former.Waxing result lasts much longer than shaving, and the hair regrows thinner and finer after repeated treatments.

How long does it take the wax to melt?

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It depends on the amount of wax beads your add to.It takes 10-15 minutes to melt completely.

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